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  • Imminent Future of Food 2022

    Bompas & Parr has published its fifth annual report into the future of food. The Imminent Future of Food 2022 report summarises the zeitgeist thinking from the studio for this year, stepping ever radically into challenging what we will be eating and drinking imminently.

  • Nakamura.ke Lumen Ramen Bar

    Nakamura.ke Lumen Ramen Bar

    World’s First Glowing Ramen Ba

  • DIY Decadence

    ‘Ordinary food in ordinary spaces can be used in such extraordinary ways to make feasting a joy for everyone sitting down’ – Feasting with Bompas & Parr

  • Ghost Stories of Tripadvisor

    For Halloween 2020, Bompas & Parr published Ghost Stories of Tripadvisor, the first collection of online reviews detailing haunted hotels. The publication, dedicated to all who work in hospitality, is by turns horrific, unseemly and comic.

  • Fluid Landscapes Report

    Bompas & Parr presents a thought-provoking report that studies the behavioural change in humans, and how this might affect future interactions between people, objects and events. Written during a time of significant change, Fluid Landscapes offers an optimistic view on the future, as we shift perspectives from the freely flowing behaviours of a world without Coronavirus, to a world restricted by stringent hygienic measures.

  • Taste the Sky

    TASTE THE SKY: The world’s Lightest dessert
    Aerogel is a remarkable material. The world’s lightest solid, derived from a gel, aerogel is comprised of 98% air and looks like you are holding a piece of sky in your hand! Bompas & Parr have applied the technical process of super-critical drying (used in aerogel formation) to create the world’s lightest meringues that look like you are eating a fragment of the sky.

  • Bompas & Parr Cocktail Book

    We’ve given jelly a 21st-century makeover, so now we’re focusing our attention on the perennially popular cocktail, the most sophisticated form of drink. In our new cocktail book, we’ll take you on a rollercoaster journey through the wonderful world of sours, martinis, old-fashioneds, punches and highballs. Classics, new interpretations of old favourites and crazy concoctions are all to be expected, but they also provide advice on the all-important presentation, the ingredients and getting the ice just right.

  • Imminent Future Of Food 2020

    We welcome you to 2020 with the third instalment of our annual Imminent Future Of Food report. As with previous years, we venture into undiscovered territory, drawing back the curtain on your food and drink futures.

  • Imminent Future of Food 2018

    Bompas & Parr has released its first annual report into the future of food. The Imminent Future of Food report constitutes the first official forward-looking predictions the studio has made into eating and drinking and comes with the authority of a decade spent at the forefront of food and drink culture.

  • Edible Exhibition

    Bompas & Parr, advertising agency AMV BBDO and the V&A Museum of Childhood encouraged kids to play with their food in the world’s first interactive edible exhibition, in October 2017.